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Top 10 Things I Needed When I Became A Mum

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

When you see those two pink lines on a pregnancy test and it confirms your going to be a mum, you wait for the weeks to fly bye till your first scan and your in the clear that baby is fine and growing well and you have made it through that first trimester PHEW- before you start to tell everyone the exciting news..

Feelings of excitement start to appear and you may buy one or two things to make it feel real- Yes I am going to be a Mum YIKES... Me in charge of a little human or two or THREE LOL you get my point!

As the weeks get closer to meeting your bundle of joy the list of what you will need for their arrival is getting longer and longer- everyone gives you the advice of "Wait till your last trimester", 'don't buy everything at once' and if you had friends and family like mine "Wait till after the baby shower" they said - which in hindsight was actually a great idea for me because I was very blessed and fortunate to have lovely friends and family who gifted me with most of the things I thought I needed- YAY me.

However at the arrival of my bundle of joy things got real and although all the big key items were necessary it was the small practical items that saw me through the first months.

1. Baby hat- the first thing when your baby is born your midwife will want to put a hat on baby to keep them warm, so do not pack your hospital bag without one. I had a handmade one which my baby looked so cute in; I still look at the pictures and smile.

'Do not pack your bag without one'

2. Cotton wool balls - soft and gentle for baby they were ideal for use during my stay in the hospital to clean baby’s first sticky black meconium poo, sticky eyes and all over his body .

3. 100% natural coconut oil - not only did it help with cradle cap, it helped with clearing up heat rash and leaving an even tone whilst preventing dry skin .

4. Water wipes - I battled with this one, but can totally swear by it’s pureness and naturalness. My son had no nappy rash EVER for the first year of use that I used only water wipes on his bottom *only tip is to try and store in a warm place as they can get very cold*- it was also a double up for me as my makeup remover!

5. Muslins- when you have a ‘sicky' baby, dribbler, or just need a barrier between your clothes and baby which is gentle to their skin , stocking up on multiple muslins is the way to go.

6. Tongue brush- this came in so handy when my little human had thrush, cleaning the tongue was so easy with this and also helped with teething days in massaging the gums. 

7. Nasal aspirator - if you were anything like me and the idea of sucking bogey out of your baby’s nose was horrifying to you (cultural mums advice 😭). When I found this very useful gadget I couldn’t help but be FORever grateful in the days baby had a cold or blocked/runny nose - it was a life saver.

8. Baby grow - no such things as too many of these; this is baby uniform and as many as possible of these in the first 0-3/6 months is needed as is was mostly what my baby wore.

9. Baby thermometer - knowing your baby is the right temperature is a top priority for parents especially in the first couple of months where they will be having immunisations or battling their first colds.

10. Nappies- last but not least , your rights of passage of becoming a parent is knowing you have become a human zookeeper , cleaning wet and dirty nappies 24/7 to the point you can change a nappy in your sleep , your baby’s different types of poo is your topic of discussion without turning your belly - oh the joys !

These were my useful items which I have now created into helpful boxes for parents to get them through their journey . Our boxes @professionalaunty include all these items and much more especially vital information to prepare for the Journey ahead.

Visit our website to purchase one of these boxes for baby. We also do boxes for Mums and a Family box too😊

Plus many more exciting services !!

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