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About Professional Aunty

Qualified Midwife, Specialist in Public Health and best of all a Mother.
On our unique journey of parenting we realised the gaps and support we felt parents needed. Professional Aunty was derived to make this journey that has its ups and down as smooth as possible by having someone who can do some of the hard work for you.
Our Mission is to Support, Assist and Guide you along your journey, by providing you with products and flexible services made fun!

Why Choose Us? 

Professional Aunty stands out because we have you at the heart of all our services. We are flexible with our products and services and are happy to work with parents to make things easier for them. The only things we are not flexible on is value and professionalism!
If there is something we do not provide we can most likely point you in the right direction. Not only has your Professional Aunty been on the similar journey of parenting but their professional background adds to the invaluable, expertise advice and information they provide and choose to pass on in supporting families get off to the best start!

Let Us be your Parenting PA. 


Professional Aunty Your Parenting PA x 



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